About us


We would like to welcome you to the Mommy Wellness Day Spa, and invite you into our tranquil setting where you can escape your busy career, be it a full-time office job or being a mother.

Our highest priority is to ensure that mothers are cared for and that they feel special and beautiful by trying our extensive range of beauty, holistic and wellness treatments.

We specialise in the wellness of all women and mothers. We offer bespoke services for moms-to- be, first time mothers, mothers that handle five kids at a time and mothers that are grandmothers. At Mommy Wellness we have a passion for the well being of women and mothers, because a happy mommy is a happy family.

Our treatments are conducted by therapists that are highly qualified in skin care and prenatal treatments, and can offer advice and tailor each treatment to your individual needs.

We invite you to experience our bespoke services to provide you with an overall feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Our services


Mommy Wellness will host regular workshops on the hottest topics and trends for mothers to create an open forum for moms to get together, share ideas and make lasting friendships. You can also let us know on Facebook or Instagram what you would like to know or learn more about. Our panel of experts will join us and answer all your questions. At Mommy Wellness we believe that knowledge is power and we want to empower all women.

Hospital/Home Visits

We understand a mother’s needs. Some days you just don’t want to get up and leave the house, or perhaps you’ve just been through the most beautiful experience of bringing your baby into this world. It’s magical but also feels like you’ve run a marathon. We get it. We can provide a tailored package of treatments to bring to you in the comfort of your home or at your hospital following delivery.

Baby Showers

Having a baby is a significant occasion in a woman’s life. If you have an expectant friend or sister and you’re not sure what to organise to celebrate this momentous occasion, why not work with us to create a bespoke experience that she can share with her friends and loved ones. Mommy Wellness can make arrangements for treatments, cake, tea and more. We’re here to make it happen.

Pamper Parties

We cater for the wellbeing of all women, including young little ladies. If your daughter is celebrating a birthday and you want to give her that special day to remember, we can throw her and her friends her very own pamper party. This service is available for groups of up to 8 girls between the ages of 2–10 years old. Packages are flexible and can include any treatments from mini facials to mini manicures and pedicures. Food and beverages can also be arranged. Just get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

Baby Massage

At Mommy Wellness we want to nurture and build that bond between mother and baby, which is why we offer five-course packages to show new moms how to lay that foundation for a warm and positive relationship through infant massage. Find out more.

Play Den

It is our philosophy that in the early stages of development children will learn through their senses: eyes, ears, touch, taste and smell. If the brain is receiving messages through the senses it will interpret the messages and react to the information. It is through the process of sensory messages that the child will be able to develop concepts, thinking processes and reasoning, and ultimately abstract thinking. This is why Mommy Wellness offers visitors with the service of a play den. While mommy is being pampered at our day spa, we’ll keep your children busy with activities and learning through play.

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