Mama Mio is an anti-gravity, anti-aging, skin-elasticising, fat-busting, orange peel-zapping, toning and tightening, high-performance body care – using the very best quality ingredients at very high dosages so you can see and feel maximum benefits very quickly.

Four promises of Mama Mio

 1      We are so proud of the quality of our formulas that we spend a HUGE amount on the actual ingredients in every single product. We know that our products are our advertisements – and if you love them you will spread that love. That is how we have grown in the last five years.
2      These expensive active ingredients are included at their highest recommended levels so they really work – no waving over the top of the jar for us. High percentages are the things that matter.

3      Our No Nasties rule applies to everything we make – there are no exceptions. Every Mama Mio product is free from paraben, petroleum, phthalates, sodium laureth and sodium lauryl sulphate, colourants, synthetic fragrances and xenoestrogen. If it is nasty, it is a no-no. Even our fragrances are natural.

4      It must be a pleasure to use. Your beauty ritual is important. Every single product you use must make you feel absolutely gorgeous – be it a cellulite cream, a body oil or a wrinkle cream – it should be a lovely part of your skincare regime that you look forward to every day.


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