Welcome to Mommy Wellness Gulf

We specialise in the wellness of all women and mothers. We offer bespoke services for moms-tobe, fi rst time mothers, mothers that handle fi ve kids at a time and mothers that are grandmothers. At Mommy Wellness we have a passion for the well being of women and mothers, because a happy mommy is a happy family.

Rejuvenating treatments for all women

At the Mommy Wellness Day Spa spa we offer a unique range of treatments for all women using only the very best products. You can enjoy some all-time favourites such as thai massage, or indulge in a rejuvenating treatment like a hydro bath.

We have a passion for woman and mothers

Here at Mommy Wellness Day Spa, you can escape your busy career as a mother. Our highest priority is to ensure that Mothers are care for and that they feel special and beautiful again.

Coming soon – Branches opening

Rondebosch - March 2016
Bahrain – April 2016
Pretoria – September 2016



Baby Bum

Looking for a pregnancy massage in Bahrain?

You are in the right place! We specialise in treating pregnant women through every single trimester...

Play Den

Mommy Wellness believes that in the early stages of a child’s development, children will learn through their senses:  eyes, ears, touch, taste and smell.

Baby Massage


Infant Massage is stroking your baby’s whole body in a loving and nurturing way, using natural oil. It can be done from birth and continued as your child grows.



Mommy Wellness will host regular workshops on the hottest topics and trends for mothers…


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